Has My Porosity Changed?

I wanted to share my current hair situation and hopefully you can relate.

I am so confused right now. I did a post a while back on the hair products I wanted to try that were recommended for high porosity hair types - High Porosity Wishlist.

After answering a few questions for the hair porosity test on Shea Moisture's site, the result came back telling me I had High porosity. I just did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that my hair was hella thirsty and damaged, which is semi-true. I was convinced that I had high porosity hair, up until recently. I never actually did a porosity test using a glass of water and a strand of hair. 

But I recently done the test and my hair was floating, it was actually floating. I was so surprised, I was waiting for it to sink, and it didn't even move.

So now I am wondering if this whole time I have been over doing it with my hair, or can your porosity levels change?

Let's Take A Step Back...

When I started looking after my natural hair I was dealing with some heat damage and dryness. I gradually cut my hair throughout my healthy hair journey. I started off with some small cuts then I took it up a notch and started cutting larger sections out of my hair. I was tired of the contest dry feeling my hair had and I could tell that It wasn't healthy hair I was parting with, so i had no issues saying goodbye to my hair. I wont lie and say it was a great experience, I did have a moment of regret when i realised just how much hair I had cut off, then I was relieved to get rid of the dead and unhealthy hair. I just put my hair in braids a lot and I was a big fan of the L.C.O method, that helped with the growth a lot, water was my best friend.

I went for thicker and heavier products because I was convinced my hair needed some heaps of moisture . I started off my healthy hair journey using a few branded products, mainly; Shea Moisture and Cantu products. I then started to use raw ingredients, so I used a lot of Shea butter and olive oil to look after my hair, then I become more aware of more brands available and that is when my bank started to suffer - I wanted to try everything and anything.

What Changed?

I have noticed that heavier and thicker products were my go to before, however now I feel like it just pulls my hair out. I have fine hair so thinner, water based products are best for my hair right now. I have to figure out what I need in order to maintain my hair now that it is changing.

I have used a few products that were more water based and thinner in consistency and my hair seemed to love it but I wasn't paying attention. I was hung up on the product not being heavy enough so automatically wrote it off, without realising my hair was responding well to it.

I think what happened was my hair was damaged and dry, It became healthy and it just deteriorated once I got hooked on the idea that I had high porosity. 

I have noticed that my hair just keep breaking off and it is coming straight from the root which is not good at all. I have had to read up on how to manage low porosity hair and now a lot of the new knowledge I have gained is starting to make a lot of sense when I think about the way my hair is now.

What Do I Do Now?

- I have now got to review my current wash day routine and make some changes. The LCO method will still be in full swing, however I have to switch up on what creams and oils I use. I will be doing a full low porosity wishlist so that you can see what products I am using and what products I want to use.

- Research, research , research! I am going to be doing a lot of research over the next few days so that I can truly begin my healthy hair journey the right way this time.

- Make physical notes on my hair, I am terrible when it comes to remembering what does and doesn't work for my hair. Normally I just hide whatever doesn't work so I never use it again. This time round when using products I am going to write down what the results are.

I am trying not to focus on growth but as I have recently trimmed my hair and because it is breaking off, I really do want to see some length and less breakage. My instagram is full of products I have to try so be sure to follow me on my social platforms to hear about my thoughts first. I have a few more reviews coming as well as, so keep your eyes out for some more hair care talk on my blog.

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