Big Hair, No Care: Afro/Kinky Textured Clip In's

I finally got around to using my Big Hair No Care clip in's. I brought them a few months ago after I had been eyeing them up for ages, I finally purchased them when they were on sale.

I attended the Big Hair, No Care's Pop Up shop Press Release event last June - June: Big Hair, No Care, New Job & Upcoming Events. Honestly that was the first I had heard of Freddie Harrel and her business. So the event was really interesting for me, I had the opportunity to learn about the brand and where the idea for Freddie's synthetic clip in's came from. Plus I got to meet some amazing natural hair bloggers and vloggers.

Zero Drama Queen Clip In's

The 'Zero Drama Queen' clip in's have a kinky/ afro textured style, whereas their 'No Stress Princess' clip in's have a looser more relaxed kinky texture, resembling a blow out style.

All the clip in's are synthetic - 0% Human Hair, 100% Premium Synthetic Hair.

Ranging from £30 - £45, depending on the length and colour chosen, which is pretty pricey for synthetic hair. However this hair is supposed to be high quality. Allowing you to re-use them for a longer period of time. I am not sure how long they are meant to last but with most clip ins the better  you take care of them the longer they will last, without looking all ratty and straight up tired.

1 bundle includes; a total of 10 pieces. You get 6 short pieces (with one clip attached), 3 middle sized pieces  (with 3 clips attached) and one long piece with 4 clips attached.

Each piece has a row of lightly curled hair, which was surprisingly easy to fluff out. I thought a comb would be better, but found that it was much easier when I rubbed some oil into my hands and started separating the curls from the ends upwards - like you would with your own hair.

The hair did not have that horrible plasticity feel to it, which was comforting, plus when fluffed out you can barely tell it is synthetic hair.

How Do They Work?

I started off fluffing out my twist out to prepare my hair for the installation of the clip ins.

I separated all of the clip in's and it's curls so that it would blend in with my own hair.

I would suggest using your hands, but using a comb is a lot quicker you just have to be more careful.

To install I roughly parted my hair with my fingers and placed the clips on the parting. I used the largest piece for the back of my head it could just about go ear to ear. Then the other 3 pieces were placed a few inches apart from each other, working my way up the middle section of my hair. I used the 6 small pieces to fill out my sides and anywhere else I felt needed some more volume.

After I placed all the clip in's where I wanted them, I used the new Gold Eco Styler Gel that I got it in my April Curlee Box to neaten up the style - You can see how I did this in my instagram video.

First Impressions

I chose the wrong day to be fiddling around with my hair. 25 degree weather with no fan turned a simple installation into a full upper arm workout. I found that the clip In's were easy to install, with some more practise I will get them exactly where I want them and I can play around with styles more.

I was surprised to see just how well they blended into my hair, I had seen a installation in person at the event and I have seen plenty of pictures but I still had my doubts. I am really pleased with the way they turned out, for my first time I think I did a pretty decent job.

In the future I do think I will be getting a shorter length, so that it blends into my hair more and is closer to the length of my hair.


Here is the final look, the full video on how I installed the clip In's is on my instagram page, be sure to check it out and give it a like - Shout outs to my sister for taking some bomb as pictures of my new fro.

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