Stepping Outside Of My Comfort Zones

I am purposely doing the things that scare me, within reason that is. I want to explore the options I have, discover what works for me and what doesn't. The only way I am going to do that successfully is if I try new things, do a lot of "firsts".

So what are the things I want to explore and do more of?

Public Speaking

Pubically speaking about my mental health was such a big deal for me. For so long I felt like anything I had to say had no value. Something I have worked on recently saying what I want to say, even if nobody is listening. It's good to get it out, it is even better when people listen and engage with what you're saying.

My First Time Speaking At An Event

I want to do some more public speaking, even though it scared me I know I feel amazing afterwards. Its the initial getting up on stage and silencing my thoughts that is the issue, once I have mastered it then its over for you bit... lol I'm playing, I just wanted to get in on this popular twitter phrase.

Exploring My Femininity

Exploring my femininity is something I am more open to now then before. There are levels to this self discovery journey, the level I am at now is a curious one. I want to have a better understand of who I am. I am more comfortable within myself to explore what it means to be a woman to me.

This ties into fashion, I definitely want to play around with clothing more. I am still big on comfort but I also want start looking and feeling good in my presentation. I am hugely inspired by women like; Gracie Francesca and Tri From Curlture. I see women who freely and confidently express themselves through their clothes.

Lights, Camera, Action

Saying yes to being in front of a camera dancing with some of the women I admire was necessary. I knew I would gain a whole new level of respect for myself and it would encourage a boost of confidence.

Being around confident and successful plus sized women made me want to embrace my size even more. I see these women on social platforms but to actually be in their presence and to laugh with them is a great feeling. Sometimes I want to explore of this is year is my fashion and I want to do more shopping for the right fit, getting creative with prints and patterns I normally stay away from. I want to be more comfortable in my skin.

Shooting My Shot

Utilising the relationships I have built during my blogging journey. Understanding the importance of working with people and businesses I respect, also again this will help to discovery what it is I want to do with my life.

I have some cool collaborations coming up and I am excited to do more, to work with brands and content creators that have inspired me. I am sending emails to brands I wouldn't of dreamed of emailing, but I know the worst response I could get is a no.

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