Why I Attend Self Care & Mental Health Events

Dealing with Mental Health can sometimes make you feel like you're the only one going through it. It can be extremely isolating. Blogging and attending events specifically addressing self care and mental health have both helped me to understand that I am not alone. Sometimes simply knowing that it's not just a me thing is enough.

Writing individual blog posts on events can be difficult, especially when I want them to be useful. If I feel like I don't have enough points from the event then I will put off dedicating a whole blog post to it. I decided that I still wanted to speak on the last few events that I have been to. So I have put together one post that summerises the information that has been shared at the past few events I attended. 

Just some of the business cards I've picked up from events

Why do I attend self care & Mental Health events?

The main reason is to be around people I can relate to. People who want to feel better, but might find it difficult to create that change.

I have found it hard to make friends in the past, simply because I didn't really leave my house. Attending these events makes it easier to form friendships and you never know who you'll meet at these types of events. 

Attending self care and mental health events allows me to gain some more knowledge and understanding. There is so much I wasn't taught and so many things I didn't understand before. After attending several events, networking and listening to other's experiences, I have a better level of understanding.

I find it easier to relate to others, I can have in dept conversations with people I wouldn't normally have the chance to meet in my day to day life.

I also love being able to support friends. These events are normally organised by people I know. I respect their work. Being able to support their events is important. We all want more safe spaces so we must support the spaces that are already here in order to encourage others to open up more safe spaces.

Self Care & Mental Health Events

Fempire : Self Care & Sisterhood PJ Party

This was such a chilled out event. Good vibes throughout the evening. We had discussions about; self care routines, the affect social media can have on our mental health, and sisterhood.

Cupcakes by: Dimpleboycupcakes

It was interesting to hear some of the ways women practise self care. Some women shared that they don't check their phone for at least an hour after waking up. Meditation and yoga was mentioned as well. One of the ladies suggested having a red and green book and writing down all the bad things that had happened that day in the red book and tearing the page out and disposing of it. Then writing all the good things in the green book. 

It's funny how someone can say something and it makes you rethink everything. I always laugh and joke about seeing something in a shop and instantly thinking about my blog. But it is incredibly important to remember to separate yourself from your brand. I had to ask myself who am I without my brand, am I happy? Am I looking after myself?

Black Girl Festival : Mental Health Panel

There was so much information shared on this panel. One of the events I gained the most from, as it was from the voices of black British women in the creative industry.

Have a diary - I have had so many diaries in my life, but it's only been recently that I have actually been using them properly. My mum would always buy me a diary and insist that I use it. Being organised can really help, I know that when I'm on track with everything I feel relaxed and my anxiety is easier to manage.

Have a self care routine - Everyone talks about having a self care routine, It's something that has become a necessary part of our lives. Generally routines are great for people who have mental health issues. I know I function better when I have a routine, I need structure in my life. However I find it easier to have a routine given to me, getting myself to follow my own routine has been difficult. 

Be kind to yourself daily - Sounds simple but some of us have a bad habit of treating others better than ourselves. It's easier to treat others the way I wish I was treated, not only by myself but also by others.

Recognise the voice inside you - Pay attention; are you tired? Is there something stopping you from seeing a friend? I get this a lot, I no longer talk myself out of certain feelings. If i want time to myself, I make sure I say no to anything or anyone that will disrupt that. Listen to your body.

Reach out - Easier said than done, but it can really help to reach out to someone. Sometimes we just need someone who will listen, other times we just don't want to talk about it and that's okay in moderation.

Learning the language - Learning the terms and names make it easier to manage your mental health. During the times when there was no name for depression or anxiety, you would of just been written off. Now that we have the terminology we can find some comfort in knowing exactly what it is that we are dealing with. 

TraumaGuilaine Kinouani made a really good point, something that got me thinking. "Whatever is happening in society and our communities from the point of birth onwards can contribute to trauma"

Being aware of your race or class and the oppression your community faces has an affect on your mental health. Which is why the conversation about black mental health is so important, it's not just the topic of mental health, it's about how your race contributes to your mental health. A lot of the time the two cannot be separated. The trauma black people have been exposed cannot be ignored.

All work no play - Working hard without a choice has effects on our emotional well being. There are way too many people working long unsociable hours just to be able to keep the roofs over their heads. The way our world works especially in this country is madness. Work doesn't have to be physically strenuous in order for it to affect your well being. You can be emotionally and mentally overworked as well. Unstable housing, as well as all other levels of societal issues contribute. Every part of society needs improving in order to improve our mental health.

Adzvice : Let's Talk  

Adzvice Let'sTalk event was different to the other events I have been to. It was the women's session, so it was based around our experiences. However there was some really personal and powerful stories and experiences shared. Moments that made me feel a whole host of emotions, this event was on a deeper level. I found myself nodding along to Nunya, agreeing with so much of what she said.

"Mental health doesn't wait for you to have it all together" - Nunya 

Lolly Comms
Photography by; Lolly Comms

Everyday I am figuring out what works best for me. Going at my own pace and trying to take each day as it comes. Some days are easier than others, comparison and self doubt can take over sometimes.

Adzvice Let's Talk event explored what we classify as a quarter-life crisis and we spoke about our experiences.

The postives and negatives that comes with social media. Social media has allowed us to access so much more information, we have been able to run businesses through social media and meet great people.
Everything has to be in moderation, social media works really fast and our brains aren't used to that much activity in such a short space of time. Growing up our social media usage was miminal or non-existent. To go from that to instagram and twitter can be a mentally exhausting transistion.

We entered a passionate discussion regarding relationships. The topic of the #MenAreTrash "movement" came up, you can imagine we all had a lot to say on the matter. My hand shot up when asked "who subscribes to the movement?" by the end of the discussion I felt a little unsure about where I stand. Are there issues men need to handle? Hell yes! However I understand the negative impact it has on their mental health. As this event was about mental health, I think it made me more aware of the need for male safe spaces. In a room full of women it's easy to discuss these topics but in the presence of men I would pay close attention to the words I choose.

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