Creating My Own Self Care Products w/Relevant Waffle

*I was sent a Relevant Waffle box to review on my blog, all my thoughts throughout this post are my own.

I was kindly gifted Relevant Waffle's October box.

Relevant Waffle is a Black Owned subscription box service. Relevant Waffle encourages and promotes self care, through DIY projects that can be included in your everyday routine. As well as being passionate about promoting self care, Relevant Waffle also want to make sure that their subscribers know exactly what they're putting on their skin, avoiding any nasty and harsh ingredients.

This box is in collaboration with Tribal Unicorn, which means I got a Soy Shot Candle to add to my Tribal Unicorn collection. Every month Relevant Waffle will collaborate with a female founded business to introduce new and interesting brands. It also helps to empower other female creators.

Relevant Waffle offer both a one time purchase and a monthly subscription service. Giving you the freedom to commit to a box every month or to purchase a box you've been eyeing up.

This box came with all the tools, ingredients and instructions to make my own face mask and body scrub.

All of the ingredients are measured out and clearly labelled, making it really easy to follow the instructions. Even though the instructions were easy to follow, I still got ahead of myself and used the wrong container of honey for the face mask.

First Impression

Face Mask

For the face mask I mixed the containers of; Charcoal Powder, Bentonite Clay and Acacia Honey together with the stirring stick provided and applied the face mask onto my face with the brush that was also provided in this box. Left it to sit for 30 minutes and rinsed it off.

*A vegan alternative :  I mix the two powders together with some water.

My pores were visibly smaller and my skin felt smooth. I asked my mum and sister how their faces felt afterwards, and they had the same results, my mum added that her skin felt tighter/firmer.

Body Scrub

For the body scrub I mixed; Dark Brown Soft Sugar, Acacia Honey and Sweet Almond Oil.

The combination of the brown sugar and almond oil makes this a nice, gentle, moisturising exfoliate. I tried this body scrub before and after washing my body and the results are similar. However I preferred the scrub after washing my body, as that extra moisture is needed in this cold weather.

As I have short limbs a little goes a long way for me lol. I only used small amounts on each part of my body. 

Final Thoughts

A self care box is such a cool concept, with the added 'make it yourself' element, it just makes the whole box really unique.

This is a great box for yourself or even a friend, because there's enough product to use for more than one person. However I will say that the products you make wont last as long if you're sharing it. Currently only used the mask three times, as my brother and sister keep using it, I might be able to squeeze another one or two masks out of it for myself if I'm lucky lol.

A fun and informative box 

The booklet I got with my box expands on some of the ingredients, explaining why certain ingredients where used, making it easier to understand what the benefits will be. Really useful for those who may be using some of the ingredients for the first time like myself.

Rating out of 5


My only suggestion to improve the experience is to include two wooden sticks, as I found the stick was difficult to clean after mixing the face mask. Or I would even suggest mixing the body scrub first, so the stick is easier to clean and reuse for the mask.

My general experience with this box has been great. As it is my first time receiving a subscription box, I was glad that it came with all the information I needed. Also the unboxing process was exciting, I'm always watching unboxing videos so it was nice to be able to do my own unboxing.

Thank you again Tish for this box of goodies!! 

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