Self Care Isn't Just For Women

In light of attending several self development and blog focused events I have noticed the huge turn out of women. Especially the events that are run by black people and not necessarily for black people, the room tends to be filled with black women. Which is great, it shows just how hungry we are for growth, both personal and professional growth.

It does concern me that more black men are not creating their own events to encourage other black men to speak up and feel safe doing so. There are plenty of events for women to speak about the issues within our society, both our own and those of our communities. It's a great time for black women to express themselves, address concerns and meet other women with similar interests.

It's amazing witnessing and getting involved in these events and workshops. However I think some forget that one group cannot carry the other. We all have to be on the same page In order to break the barriers. Black women cannot carry the whole revolution. One of the reasons why black men and woman cannot successfully work together is because we play "Who's struggle is worse?". We also have a bad habit of getting defencive when we speak our truth and experiences. Our struggles differ and have different levels of impact. At this point we just need to own our shit and listen to each other. There is nothing more disheartening than a black woman being told to shut up by her own. The more honest conversations that black men have amongst themselves the better for everyone.

It's just as important for men to look after themselves and be the best possible version of themselves. Growth should always be the goal. Self care is making sure that you deal with any issues that you have instead of bottling them up. It's about making sure you put yourself first when it matters. It's about saying no to anyone or anything that doesn't bring you happiness.

I say all of that, to say that I have come across a few incredible people who have noticed the need for events that encourage self care for men. It's important to bring light to those who put in work where it matters, and this definitely matters. I hope that this continues and more black men sperfically create events to give brothers safe spaces to deal with their concerns and issues.

The Gentlemans Network

#TGN is a platform that provides support and inspiration for black males during their transition from Boy to Man to Gentleman.

TGN are hosting an event for the brothers for International Men's Day: Made Men - International Men's Day Celebration ~ Tuesday 14th November 2017

Mentality Live

Mentality Live is all about personal development for men. They Hosted their first event sponsored by LYNX in September. Follow them to see when they will be having their next event.

Twitter - Instagram 


A platform dedicated to giving you the best advice and tips from a variety of experienced writers.

There second event #AdzviceLetsTalk is a two day event, specifically for men and women in their twenties to talk openly about their pressures, doubts and feelings. Adzvice know that men and women will have different needs and pressures so the two days are split into; men and women sessions ~ Wednesday 8th November 2017 (Men's Session) & Thursday 9th November 2017 (Women's Session)

*Only a few early bird tickets left for the men's session. Early bird tickets for the women's session are sold out.

Eligible Bachelor

The eligible Bachelor is a community organisation that provides a platform for men to support one another. You can find a variety of topics discussed on their blog. The Eligible Bachelor are currently looking for bloggers to contribute to their blog.

They are having their second event: Let's Meet Up. A chilled evening event for men to socialise and enjoy food and drink. ~ Monday 9th October 2017 

The Black Cultural Archives also have a whole host of events throughout the month, focused around black culture and black history.

If there any events or organisations that I haven't mentioned please let me know I would be more than happy to include them in this post.

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