My Jamii Card Experience

Besides from blogging, supporting black owned businesses has become one of my favourite things to invest my time and money in. I did a post about 'Supporting Black-Owned Businesses' a while back, hopefully it encourages others to support BOBs too. Using my blog as a platform and social media to share my thoughts and any useful information on BOBs is important. So I decided to use my blog to share my experience using my Jamii card.

Jamii is a discount card created to encourage people to support African and Caribbean businesses in the UK.  

I ordered my Jamii card back in October and I received it a few days later. As soon as my card arrived I had a browse through the site to see all of the businesses I would receive  a discount for. I didn't use my card straight away. There was no real reason why I didn't start using my card sooner.

I initially wanted to make the most out of my card, and try out all of the businesses, as my card was only active for one year. That didn't happen, I did however discover a few businesses that I wasn't familiar with.

Hair & Beauty

My first Jamii purchase was with Sunukër . I have been wanting to get my hands on some head wraps for a while, I decided to buy two from Sunukër and I liked the look of their Peppermint 'N' Vanilla Lip Balm.

I got 30% off of my order with my Jamii card. Once you've set up your account and received your card, you simply have  log in and redeem your discount code.

I went for TOUBA and LOMPOUL patterned African head wraps.

The jamii site is easy to use and navigate around. I only had one issue when redeeming a code for one particular site, but a quick conversation from Khalia the founder of Jamii and it was all resolved. I really appreciated how quick and easy it was to resolve the issue. 

I eventually used my card to receive discounts on one of my favourite black owned businesses. I liked the fact that I could use my card however I pleased. After discovering Sunukër through Jamii, I have made some more purchases and built a great relationship with the founder of Sunukër.

I stocked up on one of my favourites the Rosemary 'N' Argan Deep Conditioning Pre-Wash Hair Mask  and was generously gifted their cute Coconut Oil Drawstring Bag. I will be reviewing this and the Creamy Moisturiser soon, in the meantime you can read my Favourite UK Black Owned Hair Products post for more details on this product.

Home / Lifestyle

I also came across Tribal Unicorn, A black owned business that creates soy scented candles and wax melts. A great addition to the home for those self care days or simply for some claiming aesthetics. 

Finding Tribal Unicorn, meant that I was able to apply to become a brand ambassador. I received my first candle as a welcome to the tribe gift. After burning it literally everyday, I decided that I would use my jamii card before my year finished to purchase some more candles. I bought two more candles, different to the scent I previously got. 

I went for the scents; Pink Champagne and Paradise.

Pink Champagne instantly made me crave an alcoholic beverage, it literally smells like bubbles and fizz. I don't know how Angelica did it but I'm impressed. Paradise has a really nice subtle fruity, tropical scent. I'm looking forward to burning them and creating a relaxing atmosphere in my room.

Final Thoughts

It's a good purchase for those who want to discover new black owned businesses and also for those who already have some black owned favourites and would enjoy the added bonus of a few discounts.

My only regret is not heading out and trying some of the food spots that have partnered up with Jamii. Other than that I have enjoyed my Jamii experience. 

I look forward to seeing who else Jamii partners up with. 

To celebrate Black History Month Jamii are selling their discount cards for £15 -
Jamii are also looking for bloggers to contribute to their blog. Email a short blog pitch and your reason for wanting to write for Jamii to

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