Black History Month

Happy Black History Month people

I'm pretty sure it was every month without fail, me and my friends would come together to create a routine for the black history month event at our secondary school. It was a chance to do something fun and creative during the month of black appreciation and black excellence. At the time I'm not sure if we understood the importance of the month, nevertheless it was always nice to come together to plan the outfits, songs and choreography.

Being black especially in the UK can make some of us feel invisible, or there is this constant feeling of walking on egg shells. At times feeling a sense of pride, and other times wishing your blackness was simply respected and left alone.

Being black in UK has a way of making some feel as if our beautiful brown skin should be ignored in order to be accepted. A kind of "If I don't mention it maybe they won't notice" attitude towards everyday life.

A large amount of kings and queens are making a conscious decision to say enough is enough. We no longer want to subject our children and siblings to the "you must work ten times harder" talk.

As we should, we want more for ourselves and for those who will come after us. It's only natural to want better.

We are STILL kings and queens, hence why there is such an urgency to keep us away from speaking up. What would happen if everyone knew the truth?

Right now, we are the ones that will be spoken about. Black History Month is the time to recognise and praise those that are doing the work for the future generations to live better lives. 

To make the most of this month I would suggest using this time to; support black owned businesses, get involved in community activities, attend events, buy black and support those who may need it.

I believe we should support our own all year round, but it doesn't always happen. The obvious end goal is to have black people supporting black people as a norm. For the meantime I feel like making a point to support our own during this month is a good start.

Use this time to shout out friends, family members and locals who have skills, talents, businesses etc. Use this time to put your time and/or money back into the community. Use this time to promote yourself. Use this time to represent. Use this time to show appreciation. Use this time wisely.

I wanted to share some of the things that I love most about black history month.

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Four Reasons Why I Enjoy Black History Month

ONE - I know I'm not the kind of person to really go looking for information, unless I've heard of something or I'm looking for something specific. One of the things that I love about BHM is the amount of available information. Back in school we learnt about the main civil rights activists, but there's so many more people we should be acknowledging. During this month you're bound to hear about someone "new" and discover some interesting facts.

TWOThe sense of community. It is unfortunate that we wait until someone is murdered or for BHM to arrive before we show how much we can and should support each other. However I really do appreciate and love how we come together to support each other during this month. 

THREE - All the images😍. A lot of people get creative and use this month to share their art and images. I love seeing little animations with black boys and girls in it. I love seeing people wearing their traditional clothing and posting pictures online. I love seeing all the headwraps, "BlackGirlMagic" hashtags and all the gold that is used to enhance that inner goddess, gold eyeshadow, gold jewellery,  gold head pieces, you name it. 

FOUR - Similar to my third point, but I really like watching BHM inspired videos and reading blogs. During this month you can see and read a variety of people's opinions and feelings towards BHM. Definitely check out THE MOVEHUB for their BHM edition. ~ I did a post for their November 2016 edition, you can read that post here

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