September: Becoming A Brand Ambassador & Feeling Good Enough

September started out a little rocky, but quickly made a really good turn. Reflecting back on the month and I'm realising it was a pretty busy month. A few events and a lot of proud moments.

#TheColourBlack Instagram Challenge

Shahira / AfroGlory created an instagram challenge for the run up to black history month. I participated in my first instagram challenge during the month of September. I wasn't very good at keeping up to date with posts and  I didn't actually do the full month, but I still enjoyed myself.

If you want to catch up on the posts from everyone who got involved check out AfroGlory's instagram and the hashtags #TheColourBlack #AfroGlory

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

I'm a sucker for a scented candle, so when I saw Tribal Unicorn was looking for brand ambassadors I jumped on the opportunity quick time.
I have been following Tribal Unicorn for a while now, so I have seen the progress, the events they have been involved in and the new products they have come out with.

Very proud to be representing Tribal Unicorn.

I was gifted a candle from the glitter core line. After having a look through the different scents, I went for Zen. I had my Candle burning throughout the day or at night, it really sets the mood. If I had a blog post to write, I'd have my Candle burning in the background. A nice subtle, musky scent that I think is great for an office or work space.

Get 20% off your first Tribal Unicorn Candle order when you sign up to their newsletter.

Back To Natural London Premier 

Me and Shahira got tickets for the London premier of Back to Natural from Curly Treats Festival

Back To Natural is a documentary exploring natural hair, texture discrimination, the history of our hair and experiences from both men and women within the natural hair community.

It was an extremely interesting and powerful documentary. It got me thinking about the black men within the natural hair community, normally we don't get to hear from them or hear their perspective on things. It was interesting to hear a black man say that he notices the difference in how people communicate with him based on his hair. When he had locks people would think he's a soft, gentle guy because of the connotations it has to the attitude Rastafarian's have. When he was bald people would assume he was intimidating, people would be more rough with him, less respectful with personal space. 

"Hair is a metaphor for race, identity and culture"

The documentary encouraged a great conversation about black people, dread locs and natural hair. It was great to be in a room full of people who want to see change and be part of the change. 

"The Internet gave power to black women to take control of the natural hair community"

It was my first time at the BT Tower, and once me and Shahira discovered that it's not a space that is open to the public but an invite only space, we decided to take as many pictures as possible lol.

Feeling Good Enough

I'm still a working progress and I still hesitant when it comes to clapping for myself, however I'm improving. I have been speaking positively on my achievements and just enjoying every little moment of this blogging journey. From the comments to the encouragement and support, I'm loving it all and doing my best to keep my mind positive even though I've had one or two moments that could of sent me into a rubbish mood. I just refuse to feel down constantly. 

I've noticed a difference in myself, I have been paying more attention to myself. I feel a little less fearful everyday. Realising that when things get stressful it's important to take a break and distance myself from people. 

I have noticed that I find it difficult being around people when they're stressed, it tends takes a lot out of me. I cant seprate my anxuety from someones elses, so I just end up feeling like it's all too much. It sounds selfish, but I know taking on anything from anyone will increase my anxiety and I already struggle to identify where it comes from, so to avoid it I just keep my distance when it gets overwhelming. A harsh way of incorporating of self care, but still necessary. 

Moor Hair Head Wrap Workshop

Wuńmi ran a head wrap workshop at Moor Hair. I shared a few pictures from Moor Hair Head Wrap Workshop on my instagram, but I took so many pictures so I'll share some more on here as well. 

I had a great time with the team, and attendees. Interesting learning the origins of head wraps and watching everyone get creative and create amazing looks with some gorgeous printed wraps.

*All headwraps were provided by Wuńmi. 

*All headwraps were provided by Wuńmi. 

*All headwraps were provided by Wuńmi. 

Look out for Moor Hair's next event during Black History Month. 

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