My Go To Natural Hairstyles w/Afrocenchix

As I have been using Afrocenchix products for a while now, it's only right that I share my favourite hairstyles using my new favourites; Afrocenchix  Smooth & Seal. If you want to know my thoughts on their products, then check out my Afrocenchix Review.

Braid outs have always been one of my favourites, but I recently tried a twist out using Afrocenchix products and the results were amazing. Twist outs didn't work for me, I never liked the way it looked. This time however I think the combination of the Afrocenchix products and freshly washed damp hair gave me some great results.

Tools & Products Used

To complete these looks you will need; hair clips / hair bands to tie/pin the hair away when styling. A comb, a spray bottle, an Afro pick, Smooth moisturising cream, Seal oil, edge tamer / gel (optional), and a brush, I used my Tangle teezer for thick & curly hair.
Twist Out

I always work in sections of three or four, It's the easiest way for me to see what I'm doing, Its also a great time saver. 

My hair shrinks a lot, so I tend to always flat twist or cornrow to get more length and again it's quicker. I did a few single twists in some areas to get better definition, the rest of my hair is in flat twists. Middle partings with my natural hair doesn't suit me, so I go for a side parting. That's something to bare in mind when parting the front of your hair, decide where you want your hair to fall.

  1. I always section of my hair before I detangle, it's up to you how you do it. Once I've got three sections - two at the front and one at the back, I then detangle on dry hair, again it's up to you if you want to detangle with dry or wet hair. 
  2. I have three sections of detangled hair. I always start with the back. I spray my hair with water, and run my fingers through the damp section of my hair to work the water in, as it tends to just sit and drip off of my hair due to oil I last used on my hair.
  3. I section off a piece of my hair, then apply a small amount of the Smooth moisturising cream to my hands before racking it through my hair, once my hair is fully coated in the moisturiser I then use the same amount of oil on top of the moisturiser - This is going to lock in the moisture from the water and cream.
  4. The back is all flat twists, the front is a combination of flat twists and single twists. It's up to you how you decide to twist your hair. Bigger twists give you bigger curls, smaller twists give you smaller, defined curls. However with bigger curls you have more hair to separate, it all depends of how much definition and volume you want.
  5. Once I've finished twisting my hair, I then twist all of the ends of my hair together, this just stops them from unravelling, plus I get some extra length as I'm stretching my hair whilst it dries. I air dry my hair, You can dry it under a hooded dryer, or use a diffuser.
  6. I apply oil to my hands before taking the twists out, this reduces frizz and makes it easier to take the twists out as you have a little extra slip. I then fluff with an Afro pick and apply some edge tamer to my edges to finish the look. 

Curly Fringe

I have only started doing this style quite recently but I like how It's suitable for all occasions. This style is also super and quick.

I have my hair in four sections for this style. I have one section in the back and then three at the front. It is up to you if you want to twist or plait the hair to create the curls for your curly fringe.

  1. The back is going to be put into a bun. I apply the smooth moisturiser to the back section of my hair, then a gel to hold it all together, then the seal oil to lock everything in and to stop the gel from being too harsh on my hair. 
  2. The two section on the side are going to be flat twisted back and then tucked and pinned into the bun. I add some edge tamer to my edges on both sections. I only lightly spray my hair with water, then apply the smooth moisturiser, then seal oil before twisting it back.
  3. The curly fringe is the main part of this look, so I spray the middle section of my hair with a generous amount of water. I make four flat twists, using the same smooth, then seal method. I start the flat twists from the back, so they fall over my face, this just helps the fringe full in the right direction.
  4. Once the middle section is dry, I apply some oil to my fingers again and begin to undo the twists. I use my Afro pick to give me more volume, use bobby pins to shape and style your fringe how you want. I normally only pin the back to help bring the fringe forward.

I hope you liked this post, I definitely want to do some more posts like this. Let me know what you think, what are your favourite hair styles?

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