Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

If I had a pound for every tweet that suggested that the UK is following in Americas foot steps when it comes to police brutality, I would be bloody rich.

Police brutality here in the U.K. Is not new, it has been going on for years. The way it is represented here is simply different to the way it is represented in America. America seems to have this careless attitude towards black lives hence why the racism over there is so direct and in your face. Whereas here in the UK it is more subtle it's normally racism disguised as an ignorant comment.

Rest In Peace Rashan

After news of Rashan Charles death and the horrible video of his death circulated social media, people started talking about the sadly familiar treatment that black people face when coming into contact with the police, liking it to the way the police in the US treat black people.

Recording police interactions has become an instinctive response for black people, as our own verbal reports of police brutality continues to be ignored. Even video evidence is ignored, but social media has allowed us to spread the truth before the press and authorities can get hold of it and twist the stories. 

After watching the video my initial thoughts were anger and confusion as the story and the CCTV footage didn't add up to me. The idea that the police officer was attempting to retrieve something from Rashan's mouth didn't sit right with me. Anyone with all the correct connections in their brain would know that if someone is chocking or has swallowed something, the last thing you do is throw them to the ground. But hey I'm just a regular citizen with no police training, so what do I know?

As always everyone with a racist bone in their body assumed that Rashan was attempting to swallow drugs.  It has only recently been released that he didn't swallow an illegal substance, it was paracetamol and caffeine wrapped in plastic. 

I do not understand why Rashan couldn't of been arrested and questioned. Why such a rush to force him onto the ground? Doesn't seem very professional to me. Then I'm quickly reminded that professionalism goes out the window when it' comes to black bodies. 

The idea that police brutality in the UK doesn't exist gives the British police something to hide behind. The police here do not have to be as verbally abusive as the police officers across the pond. Over here having a person of colour as a neighbour excludes you from being racist. Being called a racist is more offensive than racism it's self. Don't be fooled! If anything police are looking for more reasons to be like the Americans. 

It's all about power.

There is a mass reluctance to admit that the UK is still very racist. If you watched the Is Love Racist? The Dating Game and followed the live tweets you would of seen the huge numbers of people claiming that "preferring not to date ethnic minorities isn't racist, it's just preference". Me preferring roast potatoes without the skin on is a preference, get it right. I never really understood the issue with white people not wanting to date/marry us. Surely it's a good thing? White people not wanting to marry nor date ethnic minorities isn't through preference or experiences it tends to be due to racial stereotypes. Like the show outlined women labels black men as "Lovers not fathers" this idea that black men are only good for producing children but not for raising children is factually incorrect. 

These racial stereotypes still exist in the UK, the quicker we address them and fix them the quicker we can get on with our lives without fearing being stopped by an officer. These racial stereotypes fuel the irrational force the police use when coming into contact with black people. The irrational fear stems from years of flooding the media with images of out of control dangerous black men. We still see those images today.

Rashan is not the first but I really need it to be the last. Waking up to hear that another brother or sister has died due to a police incident, is too much. I'm not related to Rashan but like all the other cases I feel an overwhelming sense of loss, I can only imagine how his family and friends are feeling. My thoughts will continue to be with them until they get the justice they deserve.

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