#KinksandCurls | Texture Discrimination in The Natural Hair Community

As the natural hair movement and community has grown the conversation around texture discrimination and accurate representation has increased.

LAMBB - Lookatmyblackbeauty.com a platform that celebrates black beauty has created a documentary titled 'Kinks and Curls' to encourage the conversation and to share the experiences of black women and their hair. 

I actively get involved in conversations and topics that I can relate to. Texture discrimination and representation has been some of the topics that I really like to get into both on my blog and on my socials. 

It's a pleasure to be apart of this conversation, I wrote a piece for LAMBB - There Is More Than One Way to Embrace Your Natural Haircut. As much as the natural hair movement has come a long way the lack of diverse representation of naturalistas means naturals aspire to one certain look...the loose curls look. 

Get involved in the conversation using the hashtag #KinksandCurls on Twitter.

Let me know what you think about the natural hair community? Is there a real problem? Does texture representation really matter?

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