Blogging Without a PC/Laptop

I met up with Shahira (AfroGlory) on Sunday for a chat and some very aesthetically pleasing drinks. 😍 Spending time with a fellow blogger is such a great experience I would definitely encourage bloggers to meet up outside of events.

I was telling Shahira that I have been writing all of my blog posts using my phone and tablet. It never occurred to me that this was something I should talk about on my blog.

I needed an outlet so I wasn't going to not having a computer or laptop stop me from blogging. When I first started blogging I was solely writing blog posts on my tiny Iphone screen lol. I would be on my way to work, finishing up blog posts and editing pictures. I still do it now to be honest.

Once I got a tablet I was able to write a lot more and more effectively as well. However as you probably know it's not very ideal blogging from a tablet. So I'll go through some of the pros & cons to blogging from a tablet with the occasional phone use. I think there might be more cons to pros, but lets see how it goes.

The Positives

  • My phone & tablet is small and light enough to carry about with me, without any hassle.
  • If an idea for a blog post comes to mind I tend to jot down my thoughts in my phone.
  • I have the 'BlogTouch (For Blogspot Blogger)' app on my phone, which means I can start or finish blog posts just about anywhere. 

The Negatives

  • The major down side to blogging without a PC/Laptop is that I'm limited when it comes to software, programs and apps. 
  • Sometimes editing blog posts and my blog layout can be tricky. 
  • I would say my battery on my tablet is good, however I think the battery life on laptop might be longer, I could be wrong.

For now the tablet will do, let me know if you have any laptops that you would recommend? 

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