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My posts have been pretty heavy and race related lately, and even though those are the posts I enjoy writing the most, my over thinking has lead me to do a review lol.

As you know I'm currently figuring out what products are the best for my hair. I'm constantly trying new products and constantly learning new things about natural hair care.

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I featured this shampoo and conditioner in my High Porosity Wishlist. Once I found out that my hair porosity is high, I made a conscious effort to find products that will help with moisture. I went to Beauty by Zara and purchased a few of products from my 'High Porosity Wishlist' and some other products that I've had my eyes on.

So I thought it would be good if I shared my thoughts on the ElastaQP Creme Conditioning Shampoo and ElastaQP Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioning Treatment. I've only used these products once so this is more of a first impressions review.

Créme Conditioning Shampoo

Before using this shampoo I did, massage olive oil into my hair and I let  it sit for an hour or two. I don't know if that changes my feelings towards this shampoo, but I thought I'd add that little bit of information in.

I loovvee the smell, it's subtle but still noticeable. It's a fruity sweet smell, but I've read the ingredients and can't seem to figure out what is giving it this smell. It might be the combination of olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.

The shampoo is described as an "ultra-rich, ultra-concentrated, gentle cleansing formula that gives maximum moisture to dry, fragile, damaged hair".

It is definitely gentle and rich. It has great slip, a little will go a long way.  I could feel the oils in this shampoo, my hair loved it.  I loved how it made my hair feel during the washing stage and even after two rises. Normally my hair feels dry and stripped of moisture when I rinse the shampoo out,  but it wasn't the case with this shampoo. I will definitely be buying this shampoo again. I've noticed that olive oil is the best oil for my hair, so it's good to know that there's olive oil in this shampoo.

Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioning Treatment 

I have yet to find a conditioner that doesn't make my hair feel dry. It's so frustrating lol. I was so confused when I used the conditioner, I had to double check the bottle to make sure I didn't shampoo with the conditioner, because my hair just felt way too dry after the first rinse. I normally shampoo twice and condition twice as well. After the first rinse with this condition I questioned if I should do a second one. I could feel my hair getting dryer as I was rinsing.

I did not like the smell at all. It's smells very chemically, it reminds me of nail Polish. I might have to try it on dry hair, because the instructions during washing it doesn't say anything about letting it sit in my hair for a few minutes. It just says apply, massage and rinse. However it recommends leaving it in my hair for 10 minutes under a plastic cap before rinsing. I'm going to try it again and see how I feel about it, but the smell isn't inviting.

I'm looking forward to trying their ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in-Conditioner and ElastaQP Soy Oyl Moisture-Rich Conditioner.

What conditioner would you recommend for me to try?
Hope everyone has a great, positive and productive week.

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