Hair Update & Considering a Big Chop

At the beginning of the year I put a post called New Year, New Hair. In this post listed some of the things I could do to help with growth and generally improving the health of my hair.

I stupidly thought it would be so easy, but I'm so over it now.... I just want to chop all my hair off. The only thing stopping me is the thought of not pulling it off. I have a round, chubby face that I just don't think it will suit me. 

I want to start again, experiment with new products and stay away from heat. I've been avoiding heat anyway, using leave in conditioners and washing my hair more often but my hair still seems dry and brittle.  I just feel like my hair doesn't feel and look healthy any more.

I want to go short like only two, three inches of hair on my head. I just don't feel like my hair is going to improve much if I leave it how it is. I'm well over due a trim but I don't think a trim could revive my hair. I need to see a hairdresser and just tell them "help me!".

If I chop my hair off I'm looking to put it in protective styles, because it's the best way to improve my hair and encourage growth. I just want a big healthy afro, I want to rock bantu knots and (successful) twist and braid outs.

I want to get me some head wraps to style out my "bad hair days". I also really need to get myself a silk head wrap for bed.

It's hard thinking of styles for work as I have to wear a hat, so whatever style I want has to fit under my tiny hat. Most of the time I rock doodoo twists and plaits to work. I'm aware that with hair styles like that and my work uniform I look like a school girl.

I am so impatient I think that my hair has grown, then the next day I realise that it was just a very sick and unfunny trick my mind had played on me. I'm not impressed strands, pack it in.

I know it's not all about length but with length comes more styles, especially the styles I want to do. I I have watched big chop videos and hair care tips, I'm still stuck with dry and unhealthy hair. I definitely need to try out some new products and styles.

I think I just need to do a big chip and stick to natural and raw hair products.

What tips do you have for me? What's helped your natural hair?

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