Dressing My Curves

I'm 22 and I've only recently started to understand what clothes work for my body shape. I'm short and stubby with large thighs, small arms and a big stomach. Figuring out what clothes compliment my shape and height isn't easy, but I'm getting there.

I'm not that into fashion, but I can appreciate someones style and the creativity some express within their style.  I envy that creativity to be honest, I'm not brave enough to experiment with fashion, I'm very simple and tend to stick to what I know. I really need to use fitting rooms more and try on clothes I wouldn't normally wear, it's worth a try.


The moment I reached the age of independence was the same time my scene of style just flopped lol. When you're young and your parents are buying your clothes you can use that as an excuse to look the way you look. Once I reached secondary school my fashion sense and style was all on me.

I was buying my clothes, I was choosing where to shop. I've always and still am tight with my money so I don't spend much on clothes as it is. I kind of used to lack of money to justify my style to be honest,  it's easier to say "brands don't matter to me" when you generally can't afford to buy brand named clothes. Having that one pair of Nike trainers was all i needed to feel included. I wasn't materialistic so It didn't really bother that much, it was more about what my peers thought and said. I felt the need to be included but I was also very stubborn (was?πŸ˜‚) which just meant in my head I wanted to dress cool but my pride and stubborn attitude meant I would just shrug it off and call myself unique for not following the crowd, when it was really down to not being able to afford it as well as not wanting to be part of the "it's trendy so you must do it" group.  I was a confused child let's just say that.

Control Pants

The first time I bought control Pants was around the time I started going out and clubbing. It's all excited and fun starting the whole clubbing thing, you feel like a right grown up getting ID'd and buying alcohol at a bar. When I started clubbing i thought that i had to look sexy, dresses, skirts the whole shabang. But then after getting to know the scene I realised it's all about what I'm comfortable in. I could feel 100% more confident in jeans and a nice top that  I would in a dress or skirt.

When I did wear dresses and skirts i wore control Pants to complete the look. They're hell to get on and off, but I guess having a temporary flat stomach is worth it right? Everyone I put it on the sexy, confident saabirah arrived, i know I shouldn't rely on some elastic to make me feel good but it did, it still does.

I normally buy the same size i do in normal underwear. You want to be comfortable though, so don't get it uncomfortably tight. Most of the time I forget I'm even wearing it, until I have to got to toilet then I begin to wish I would just work out and stop spending money of these bloody things that I'm always misplacing, I swear I have like four can I find one though? Kmt not even one.

Tom Boy

I would consider myself a tomboy between the ages of 11 to 14. Now knowing what I know I don't know if prefer tracksuits to dresses really makes me a tom boy or if that's just my style. I was all about being comfortable and there's nothing more comfortable than a pair of tracksuit bottoms, I guess not wearing a bra is a close one too lol.

Dancing also played a part in my "tomboyish" style, I loved the tight white vest with baggy light grey tracksuit bottoms look. I just felt like that was such a staple street dancer look, i loved it. Dancing allowed me to rock my tracksuit bottoms and baggy tees without feeling any type of way about it, I felt comfortable and pretty confident. Now that I'm older i love that i can switch it up and feel good either way. I'll feel super comfortable and sometimes even sexy in baggy bottoms and a slightly tight tee, but I'm able show some leg and/or boobie and feel feminine as hell.... until I put on heels, then I feel like a newborn deer😳.

Adding Colour

Everyone talks about loving black clothes now but I swear all i owned was black jeans and black tops. Some had some colour on them, but most of the time they were just black. From an early age i realised that black made you look smaller so I naturally gravitated towards black clothes. Black dresses weren't only sexy and classic but they hid my rolls πŸ‘. If i had colour in my wardrobe is was probably due to my parents or maybe I had a moment of weaknesses and decided to buy an item with colour.

Now it's not so bad but I do find myself buying the same coloured clothes. I love neutral colours, like khaki, nude/camel tones, greys if i wasn't wearing black i was definitely wearing  grey lol. I stay away from white because I can't deal with the level of maintained required to keep whites white....it's too much trouble for me, I just wanna dash clothes in the washing machine and walk away knowing everythings good. Burgundy is still a darkish colour but there's something comforting about the colour, especially in the autumn time. Orange is good for my skin tone, more of a burnt orange than a neon orange though.

Sizing up

I never used to size up or down, i would just buy a standard size 16 or 18. It would either fit perfectly or it would be way too small. I never understood that something sizing up and down is necessary depending on how you wanted the clothes to fit. Recently I've been buying size 14-20 clothes, without even thinking about it. Even if you feel a type of way about sizing up, just think it of it as a way of get the best fit, instead of letting your size define you. When I first started sizing up I was concentrating on my weight and I didn't want to get comfortable sizing up and start putting on more weight.

What I need is...

I've noticed that I need items that have a elasticated or a fitted waist, as I don't have a very defined waist, but if the waist on certain peiec of clothing comes in then it gives the illusion of curves. I've also noticed that I need tapered trousers so it doesn't highlight by large thighs. This jumpsuit I bought recently from Primark explains what I'm talking about. The heels also help to to give the illusion of a smooth and curvy figure. They're also from Primark and they have a thick heel which is so necessary for my lack of balance.

Hope you liked this post. Apologies for being so rubbish with the posting lately,  I've been abit down just trying to sort my life out lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, can you believe next week is the last week of September? 

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