Two Nights in Manchester

This is my second travel post. My first was last year when me and my friend went to Amsterdam. You can see what we got up to in Amsterdam here. I went to Manchester to celebrate my cousins birthday. 

Friday 5th August 

Friday night didn't go to plan. We got our train to Manchester at 20:00 and arrived in Manchester around 22:30. Took a cab straight to our hotel which was a five minute journey if that. We stayed at the Hotel Ibis Manchester Centre, Princess Street.

The plan was to get into the hotel and get ready to hit the clubs. My cousin drank way too much on the journey lol. Literally two minutes after getting into our rooms my cousin had passed out on the beds. So we went out to find something to eat hoping my cousin would feel better after a nap. We found Archie's a little fast food shop, on Oxford Street. Archie's serves Burgers, Shakes and Waffles. I had a Cajun Chicken Burger, Cajun Fries and a Lemon frizzy drink called Sunkisst, I've never heard of before, but it was really good...very vesty.

Saturday 6th August 

Woke up super early to have breakfast. Didn't fancy much, so I had three mini croissants, two hash browns and some baked beans. Washed it down with a ginger and lemon herbal tea to help with the period pains. Also had a apricot yogurt and a glass of apple juice. Everyone wanted to sleep some more before we headed out to do some shopping. I normally can't sleep once I've woken up but for some reason I was able to get back to sleep once I got into bed. 

We walked to the city centre, which was supposed to be a 16 minute walk but it felt like a 10 minute walk to be honest. We passed 'Manchester's Gay Village' when my cousin told me about it, I thought it was just a nickname but it's an official thing guys. Stopped off at McDonald's for a drink, first time trying the strawberry lemonade, Costa's Iced drinks are way better. First shop we went to was Ann Summers, I got a little something something😉.

We went into the centre to find the food court. The food court is right next to 'Simply Be' and has a good variety to choose from. First went to Hasty Tasty Pizza where I had a cinnamon pretzel (it was alright nothing special), they had a good selection of pizzas to choose from. I ended up getting a big square slice of Chicken & Mushroom pizza from a place called 'Lean & Mean'. Everyone started getting Caribbean food for later from 'Onje', so I thought why not lol. I got stew chicken and rice and peas (BUFF!!)😍. For health and safety reasons the hotel couldn't heat up our food, so we had to eat it cold which wasn't too bad but I just couldn't finish it. After stuffing my face with pizza we contained shopping, I got some goodies from Claire's, New Look and Select.

Headed back to the hotel after a look through Primani (Primark). Ate my Caribbean food, bussed some jokes then went back to my room to start this blog post. I didn't get to take as much pictures, I haven't made it clear that I'm a blogger so you can imagine how crazy i look snapping pictures of trams and street corners (the life of a awkward blogger ey?).

We definitely wanted to hit up a club. We went to the VIVA nightclub, it was great. We paid £10 to get in, ended up getting my first drink for free because their card machine wasn't working (yassss) then danced the night away. Downstairs had a more commercial selection of music, then upstairs was bashment and afrobeats. We spent most of the night upstairs,  which just made me wish I knew more afrobeats songs, because I was just two stepping and everyone else was bussin' some serious moves. Left the club around 4am then went back to the hotel to change our shoes so we could go on the hunt for some food. Ended up finding a chicken and chip shop, I just got chips and curry sauce.

Sunday 7th August

Woke up around 9am after only going to sleep at 6am. Felt sick even though I only had two drinks lol, so I went downstairs to the canteen and made myself a cuppa tea to settle my stomach. Our train back to Euston was at 12:35 so we had to make sure we was at the station with enough time to get some food. Went to TGI Friday's in the station, I only got some Jack Daniels Chicken Strips🍴.

The journey back was nice, I just put on some music on and people watched lol. I can't wait to go back to Manchester, we gotta party harder next time. Hopefully we'll be going back later on this year.

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