Black Women Matter TOO!

Sadly we've lost another sister.

When I heard about the death of Alton & Philando, I was so tempted to got to the #BlackLivesMatter protests and marches, I wanted to be part of the BLM movement. After listening to some family members views on the marches i decided not to participate.

"These marches and protests only really happen when a black man are killed" - Was something I heard more than once during the marches for Alton & Philando.

What about the black women who are killed by the police?

I didn't want to believe that black women weren't really seen as important as black men... I guess I was naive. I genuinely thought that 
black lives matter was for every black person.... not just black men.

So far my social media feed has been full of black men and women claiming that Korryn Gaines "deserved to die". Like that wasn't bad enough black men and women have gone too far by saying she was asking for conflict, she was stupid, she should of handled the situation better.

It makes me wonder how these men would have reacted if the video was different. What if you could hear her begging and pleading for the police to leave her and her children alone, would you then stand by her then?

Why must the video evidence have to be so graphic and extreme for people to believe it?

Hearing that Korryn had been posting conscious and pro black videos on her social media worried me. Anyone would be stupid to think that the only people who see your profile are the people you allow to see it. I refuse to believe that only  my Facebook friends are seeing my Facebook updates. The government have the power to do whatever they please. 

The fact that her Facebook was deactivated during the standoff is also worrying. Some could say that it's for evidence but as much wasn't shown during the video I feel like there is barely any evidence to gather from that video anyway.

So I did some research and looked at posts that believe it's Korryn's fault she died and also some posts that believe Korryn was assassinated. 

Before reading up about Korryn Gaines, I didn't care about her criminal background, all I cared about was the fact that she is dead and her son could of been dead too. 

The first post I came across was Joy Syrmopoulos post 'Korryn Gaines: 5 Extremely Important Facts You Need To Know'. Joy mentions 5 facts, some I've heard for the first time and some that made me question my initial thoughts regarding this case.

The 5 facts:

1. This incident stemmed from a traffic stop.
2. Facebook deactivated Gaines' Instagram and Facebook accounts at police request.
3. Office claim they had no working body cams during the encounter.
4. Court documents revealed Gaines suffered from lead poisoning.
5. A vigil is scheduled for Friday night in Baltimore while police continue to investigate.

Within Joy's post under the first fact there's a 20 minute video of Korryn Gaines being pulled over and arrested, due to her absent licence plates. Watching the video was difficult, sadly I couldn't help but think about what Korryn could of done better in that situation. The video is basically about how Korryn believed that she had the freedom to travel without her license plates and without any problems from the police.

Joy words it better by saying - "Much of her argument revolved on the fact that anything she was alleged to be engaging in "illegally" would be victimless crime and that she had a right to travel unimpeded without government interference".

At this point I really don't know what to believe. I wouldn't put it past the police to plan this situation.  It wouldn't be the first nor the last case of hunting down black men and women.

There are things Korryn did that I wouldn't recommend and I don't condone, however after watching Chyna Fox's Out of the Box: Whose Side Are You Really On? Video I came to realise that Korryn wasn't rude and just another ghetto black girl, she was actually trying to make a difference.

Please watch Chyna's video it's really good, Chyna has been brutally honest and helped answer a lot of my questions just in that one video.

Here's just some of the quality points Chyna made:

Chyna talks about how black people have said that we have to rebel in order for change to happen but then criticised Korryn for rebelling - "Talking about rebellion, but as soon as this woman actually lives here life.... rebelliously she's condemned".

Chyna went on to say - "I'm truly understanding that a lot of people do not want to be free, they want to be comfortable. They want to stand a better chance in white supremacy, you don't want to get out from under the vale of white supremacy, you just want a better position in it". I'm starting to believe that this is true, we don't personally know what life is like without white supremacy and for a lot of us the unknown is scary. Korryn basically said "fuck that" and decided that she wouldn't live her life in fear of the unknown, she wanted to see white supremacy end. -"she did not believe in the rules of this government and she lived her life accordingly".

Something that i never thought about was the fact that - "we condemn her because she could have cost the life of her child, but we never, ever, ever said that about Mr. Luther King". It got me thinking about the way black people view men and women and the double standards that go on within our own community.

When I watched the video of Korryn being arrested she said something to the police officers that stuck in my head. - "When I heard her tell those police "you see those rebels in the back? You can't kill me, i live forever" that stirred something up inside of me". Korryn knew she was going to be killed she just didn't know if it would of been the day she was arrested or after. I don't agree in her methods and how she spoke to her son but I'm able to put that aside and look at what she was saying and where it was coming from. She was preparing her children to make a change.

Part of me admires Korryn's strength and fearlessness. If someone else would have dressed up what Korryn was saying and made it a little more PG, people would of understood why Korryn was doing what she was doing.

Have a great weekend peeps.

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