I Don't Think You're Listening

If you don't want to listen to the hundreds of black people saying #BlackLivesMatter and #StopKillingUs becuaze you feel as if race is no longer an issue, then just look at what is going on. Facebook had flags for Paris, what did Facebook do for the hundreds of black people killed by police officers each year?

White privilege is real! You as a White woman can go into any drugstore and find your shade of foundation or products for your hair type. Why is it that black women need to even address the lack of shades in makeup and lack of black hair products? 

Some may say makeup is a luxury, nobody really needs it so it isn't an issue. However the fact that it is a "luxury" item and it's only accessible to white women suggests that only White women are allowed to participate in these said luxuries. 

I can go on about the lack of diversity in the beauty industry all day, but I know what need to be done. More black people need to dominate these industries because these companies do not care about us unless they can make money from us. 

It's so disheartening to have black people scream black lives matter and people question or dismiss it. Not only is it incredibly disrespectful but it's scary. Our lives are being taken from us for simply being black, for existing and instead of understanding our hashtags and demands you're going to question if it's really an issue or not. 

White people will never fully understand what it is like to be black. We get that, however you're able to understand what is going on and you're able to identify when something is blatantly wrong. So really there are no excuses for ignoring the issues.

Being killed and targeted for the colour of our skin is wrong, there is no ifs or buts.

Becuase these racists wear a uniform or are "normal" people you dismiss it and say stuff like "they're just doing their job".

How many videos of white people resisting arrest and walking away alive do we have to see before we start to believe that the police aren't doing their job, they're doing whatever the hell they want to do. I'm not saying these white guys shouldn't be alive, I'm saying why is this a constant thing? Why are police claiming they feared their life when dealing with black men but when it's white men activity resisting arrest and fighting back they don't fear for their life? 

tweets are a response to the Heels Off video watch it Here.

Speaking about race is not a way to gain sympathy or a way of creating a divide. We're trying to get everyone on the same page, we want you to understand that this is a real issue that needs to change In order for races to live together without the oppression.

This isn't about your comfort anymore, forget your comfort. These talks and discussions need to happen whether you want to join in or not is up to you, but understand that these conversations about race are going to happen and have to happen I order to end racism. 

Instead of just saying "racism isn't an issue in the uk" let's actually make that statement a fact. Instead of just a way to shut black people up. 

Becuase that's all you're trying to do, you're just trying shut us up. Nothing is actually getting solved from #AllLivesMatter or "stop making everything about race"....What has it solved? Nothing.
Instead of just trying to mute us, try to find ways of ending racism, so we can get on with our lives without having to mention racism.

It's 2016 and after all these years racism hasn't ended its just changed it seems like it's still legal to kill black people these days. These officers haven't been pubished for their crimes, that just shows me that killing a black person for no reason must be ok. Nothing is being done about it, nobody is in jail for it. When you commit a crime you serve time right? 

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