Two black men have been shot and killed by police officers in America. Living in London I have always thought America was full of racists and that their ways were backwards, and these murders just confirms that.

On Wednesday I heard about the death of #AltonSterling. A 37 year old father, who was shot six times. Alton was outside of a CD store, selling CD's with the consent from the owner to do so. The police are called, because of "a complaint about a man making threats with a gun while selling CD's outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana". The officers started yelling and telling Alton to get onto the ground, but Alton didn't. They then pushed him to the ground, Alton beings true to get off of the ground, whilst the officers are on top of him. Apparently one of the officers sees Alton reaching for his gun, which then makes the Officer Howden Lake shoot Alton in the chest three times. The officer then shoots Alton three more times, even though Alton chest is full of blood from the first three shots that were fired.

The video circling the Internet is from the store owner who gave Alton the permission to sell CD's in front of his store. Abdullah (the owner who filmed the incident), said that once the officer fired the six shots, Abdullah hid his phone in he pocket as he knew "they would take it from me". Abdullah went on to say "I kept this video for myself. Otherwise what proof do I have?".

I woke up yesterday and checked my twitter to see that another brother has been killed by a police officer. #PhilandoCastile a 35 year old black man was shot in the arm while his wife and daughter sat in the car with him. His girlfriend filmed the aftermath on Facebook.  She captured Philando laying on the car seat with blood over his arm and the police officer holding a gun to Philando through the car window. The video shows Philando's girlfriend explaining what's happened, and also her being  put into a police van, with their daughter. "He was shot as he reached for his driving licence".

Are these police men really threatened or scared by these black men? Or are they just wanting to kill these black men because they are racist?.

I think they just know they are going to get away with it, they're not going to go to jail, they aren't going to lose their  jobs. They can just go on and about their lives like nothing happened, whilst mothers, fathers,  sons, daughters, sisters, brothers go without their loved ones way before their time.

It is not up to the police to decide who lives and who dies!

It sickness me when people bring up black on black crime or some other shit to try and justify why someone should be killed. It's not up to the police!

Every time some crazy white person wants to kill someone or a group of people, he always gets disarmed and taken to jail without a mark on him. Why?

Please explain to me why white men/boys are constantly unharmed and allowed to walk the streets after openly expressing their hatred towards black people or other people of colour?

PLEASE explain to me why these men are still alive? Why don't the police feel threatened by someone who openly  hates black people and has killed multiple black people with no remorse? That is ten times scarier than a back man selling CD's surely.

What angers me more is that the gun was in Alton's pocket not once while the police officers were there did Alton have the gun in his hand ready to shoot anybody. How could Alton have done any damage when he couldn't even get to his gun whilst these officers are on top of him?

These officers constantly say that they felt threatened or "I thought he had a gun". You can disarm some white kids who has a gun but can't disarm a black man with a gun in his pocket? Really?

Nothing makes any sense to me, it doesn't even look like these officers are even trying to make it look like it was Alton and Philando's fault any more. They're just going out picking on these back men, killing them and walking away.

I just don't know what to say right now, I don't know what to do any more.  It seems like nobody even wants to care, nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to understand the life of a black man. 

Everyone wants to be black until it's time to really be black!

I'm sick of feeling helpless,  I'm sick of retweeting and sharing this information knowing it may only awaken some people but really there needs to be more done. We need to be protecting each other every way that we can. We need to be out there getting heard 24/7. I want us to do so much that they haven't got any choice but to listen!

I want people to realise that we aren't going to stop until we get what we want!

There's a march in London happening on the 6th of August. Register for the March here, it's free so please come along if you support the movement. I really want to go but family members are telling me not to bother, we don't know how the police will act unfortunately.

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