Is Black History Important?

If all races were proud of their cultures and had an accurate representation of their culture, what do you think the world would look like now? 

I can only imagine how beautiful the world would look if everyone was unappologically proud of their culture.

Honestly why do you think races aren't represented correctly?  
Is it fear? The fear of cultures taking back what is there's. Are you scared we'd treat you the way you've treated us? 

Personally I'm not very bothered about the history of England, but I probably know more about England than I know about my own history and I don't even know that much about the history of England. Surely I should know more about Africa and the Caribbean? I should be able to fire out facts and point out Nigeria or Montego Bay on the map....but I can't.  That's probably down to my lack of interest in geography, but I feel like it's also the fact that nobody has ever really made me feel like it's important to know these things.  I'm not blaming my parents or my teacher, however they would play a part in my knowledge when it comes to my history and culture. My parents taught me and my siblings a few things but at the time I wasn't very interested, so you can imagine that information went straight over my head. 

If we're only taught about black history once or twice in school, then I'm not really surprised people don't see the importance of knowing their history. If something is important it should definitely be mentioned more than once or twice right? 

We are constantly told that school is important and it's what sets us up for life. So why is it that during the five days we are in school we only hear about black history for a few days during the month of October? 

We should be excited and proud to know about our culture and history. 

A comment on a video about black people knowing about their history. 

I strongly believe that this is part of the reason why it is so hard for black people to step outside of stereotypes. Also I think it contributes to the reasons why we struggle to believe we are powerful and intelligent people.
For a long time I honestly didn't believe that we were Kings and Queens in Egypt. I didn't feel like it was realistic for black people to have so much power and authority, especially looking at it from where we are now. It's crazy to think that I didn't even believe in historical facts. Constantly seeing  orange faced white people in Egyptian films made me believe that Egypt isn't even a country in Africa.

The media has a very good way of making you believe that only certain things are reachable for people of colour, specifically black people. Most of the time you have to do your own digging to find the real truth which isn't something we all do, I barely look into black history, a lot of what I know now which still isn't much is from other people breaking down our history on social media.

It is way too easy and common for black people to believe that we are less than others. Our beauty isn't real beauty because it doesn't fit the European standards of beauty. Our achievements aren't really achievements, if it hasn't been praised the same as our white counterparts.

Constantly seeing negative, poor and humiliating images of ourselves will honestly make you feel like your culture is just a joke. People within your race also teasing you or shaming you for your looks, attitude,  style and education will also make it harder for you to feel proud of your culture. I think it's also very easy to be a stereotype,  it's kind of expected of you which just makes it easier for you to just fall into what is comfortable and known.

Knowing your history is important, it gives you a sense of who you are and lets you know what you have come from. A lot of the time all we see is slave films or films in periods where racism was at it’s worst, so its hard to see black people as more than just slaves. Sometimes you get caught up in thinking that is our history is about slavery, but really there is a whole part of history we aren't familiar with. Before we were slaves what was we doing? What did we create? What was our lives like? There's a lot I don't know but want to know.

So yes our history is important, our history is what is fuelling us to create the futures we want to see, and the legacies we want to celebrate in the next few years.

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