Stop Telling Me I'm Fat

I am tired of people making it seem as if I am not aware of my weight. I think If I'm not constantly chatting about being on a diet or complaining about my weight then people seem to think I am oblivious to the fact that I am big.

I probably should loose weight and care more about the way I look but I'm honestly not bothered enough to do anything about my weight.

I've been told I'm fat for years, Ive see my body change from a size 14 into a size 16/18, to some people that isn't anything to worry about, but to me it made a big different. The day I had to buy a size 16 I put it all down to my big chest....I still do to be honest. At the moment I am comfortably buying size 18-20 clothes. I buy what fits well, instead of what size I feel I should be. Size makes it all complicated and sometimes depressing, so now I focus on what fits best.

The sad and annoying thing is putting on weight is a lot easier than losing it. 

People tell me "oh Saabirah you've lost weight" and I rarely see it unless my clothes fit differently or my chin is smaller (that's normally how I judge my weight loss/gain) "has my chin doubled in size?". I do not normally see it as a compliment, a lot of the time I don't really feel any type of way about those comments.

I want to be able to shift some weight, but at the same time I don't know if that will increase my confidence or increase anything else for that matter....well expect from it improving health.

Sometimes it bothers me and other times it just annoys me. What do people gain from telling me to loose weight? What am I supposed to say?

The day I decide to loose weight I want it to be for me and not because someone has called me fat or told me I'd look better if I was slimmer. 

I shouldn't wish this upon myself but sometimes I wish it was down to something in particular, I wish there was a reason for my constant hunger and weight. It is all down to comfort eating and if I see it I must eat it. 

Honestly most days I wake up and don't even think about my weight and there's other days that I just feel bloated af, but hey life goes on. 

Let me know in the comments how you respond to people who comment on your weight?

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