Planning My First Solo Trip Flopped

So due to a lack of planning and saving I won't be going to anywhere tropical this summer *cries. I've got two weeks off work and I don't want to be in London doing nothing but it's looking like that's going to happen. I just have to accept that this summer I won't be on a beach sipping cocktails *cries some more.

I've just given up looking for deals and hotels now, I'm over looking at sandy beaches that my feet won't be walking on. I'm starting to save so next summer will be the summer for cocktails and sunshine. This year I'll just have to go to parks and maybe take a trip to a beach.

If I'm completely honest, all I kept thinking about was the amazing blog post i could of done on my first solo trip, i was thinking about the cool photos I could take, the instagram posts and the tweets. I just wanted to feel like a travel blogger, they always have the most aesthetically pleasing blog posts.

I need to come back down to reality and realise that I have responsibilities here that require me to save my money and spend it wisely (even though I don't actually spend my money wisely).

This major flop has just made me realise how laid back (lazy) I am. I need to set myself goals and actually achieve them. The first goal I'm setting myself and I will achieve is to save save save.

I would love to just spend money on a holiday but I know that I'd come back and won't have the money to get to work, pay my phone bill,  pay my half of the rent and there probably wouldn't be any food in the house, so knowing all this I just can't justify going away and leaving all my responsibilities behind. 

I was so looking forward to a break and some alone time.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I want to see the Caribbean, Africa and Dubai.

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