Why Do Black Women Even Need Wigs, Weaves, Twists & Box Braids?

So sick and tired of hearing people say "black women/girls are trying to be white". I've said it before because I thought the only reason why black women/girls would do certain things is to be closer to the white image and because they aren't proud of their black hair. Now that I'm older and understand that the standard of beauty and self hate play a huge part in black women and girls not embracing and loving their hair.

When you are young everything is just subconscious, you're not really thinking about the constant imagery of white people on TV and the straight haired white women complaining about their frizzy hair.

Yes all women have to deal with the standard of beauty that is plastered all over the media, but black women not only have to deal with that but also deal with our own black people bashing our hair, makeup, body shapes, and lifestyles.

It's something that is constantly brought up when it comes to race. Especially when we comment of white women doing or saying certain things that are typically part of black culture, for example box braids are a style that black women have been using/doing for years, but once a white person does it it then becomes a trend that everyone is happy to follow without acknowledging it's heritage.

Image is from PrettieMajor's 2 Hour Box Braids video

We go natural and people comment on our hair looking unkept, nappy and unprofessional.

We get braids and were told we look gettho and rachet.

We get weave/wigs and were told we are trying to be/look white and get comments on whether we're bald or have hair under those wigs and weaves.

I get it, it's a total lack of understanding.

I know why black women/girls do it, it's a protective style, meaning it protects our hair. Our hair isn't meant for the environments we're living in. So to prevent breakage, dryness and general hair damage we use protective styles, and guess what is a protective style? 

Yup it's weave.

So this post is for all the men and women who have bashed black women for having weaves. Yes straight hair has connotations to self hate and anti blackness but that's not why all black women do it.

I've personally experienced the benefits of good weave and some tlc. Protective hairstyles are all about protecting the ends of your hair, when the ends get dry, damage or start to break then growth and general healthy hair is at risk.

Image is from Pinterest

We're mocked for having natural hair but sometimes our hair needs a break from manipulation and it sometimes just needs some fresh air. We need box braids, marley twists and wigs to protect our ends.

We're mocked for having short hair and get questions on why black girls "always" have short hair. Our hair requires a lot of work, I've recently realised that it is a commitment, you cannot treat your hair well one month and neglect it a month later. We're all coming from different situtations not everyone is taught the same things the same way when it comes to hair. You have to figure out what products are best for your hair, what combs are best to use, I've only just started using a wide tooth comb and it's made everything so much easier.

Weaves, wigs and straight hair as a whole is more socially acceptable, so its not surprise why so many black working class women and professionals rock a wig or weave. Plus it's less time consuming, it's easier to style and while you're slaying that wig or weave your natural hair is silently improving. Do what you have to do to improve your hair, do what you have to do to feel comfortable.

Box braids, twists, crochet braids and low malipuation hair styles like braid/twist outs are also great. The less pulling and tugging the better, so let your hair bounce and sway as your wear your braid/twist out. Add beads and gold details to your twists and braids so that you're looking even more goddess like. Dip dye your crochet braids blue, green, purple, yellow and pink to express your inner mermaid lol.

Image is from Sadora Paris's How to: Ombré Blue Crochet Braids video.

Let me know about your hair in the comments below. Has it been easy/hard styling your hair? What have you recently learnt about your hair? What's one thing you love about your hair? 

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