Planning My First Solo Trip

I've been spending my days off looking up resorts in Spain, Turkey and Greece. I really want to do some solo travelling, originally I was going to stay in the UK and go to bouremouth for a few days, but I need some serious sun this year so I've decided to go to Turkey or Spain.

I want to see the world but I don't really feel like i could truly enjoy it with somebody else, I like to do my own thing and solo travelling is all about being independent and doing your own thing.......Ok so it's not all about being independent, but it's about enjoying travelling but without the issues and problems that arise when travelling with someone else.

I just want to chill and not have to worry about anybody else.

I've looked up tips for women who are interested in solo travelling, some are pretty obvious tips and there are others that I haven't thought of and would definitely use.

I would like to think I'm street savy and i would be completely safe by myself, but honestly I still wouldn't travel around the world alone. Unfortunately there are a few crazy people who can't be trusted, so I'd rather just do something much safer and stay at a resort.

I'd feel a lot safer at a resort as i wouldn't be so exposed, i wouldn't be walking the streets in a foreign place alone drawing attention to myself. I'll be unamoungst other travels, which makes me feel much more comfortable.

A lot of the resorts I've looked at have either have a beach or have a free shuttle bus to and from the beach, so if I decided to venture outside of the resort I wouldn't be completely alone.

I'm not worried or anxious about being alone I'm more excited than anything but I'm well aware that being alone can attract unwanted attention, which is why I'm looking for resorts that will keep me entertained and will have everything that I'll need to enjoy my stay so that I wouldn't have to leave the resort.

I'm not really planning on doing much, I just want to relax and enjoy the sun. I'll have; some new foods to try, a nearby beach, pools, a comfy bed, sunshine, maybe even a spa, music, cocktails and lots of me time.

Blogs/Sites I've enjoyed reading regarding solo travelling:

As I get closer to my trip to Spain I'll be posing regular 'Planning My First Solo Trip' blogs, so let me know if you want me to talk about anything in particular. 

I'll also be posting a blog post about my trip to Spain so expect that in August. Plus loads of pictures on my Instagram and snapchat. 

Have a great weekend peeps

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