New Year, New Hair

I watched NaturalNeiicey's Video 10 tips to grow healthy hair and I was just like YAS!! It looks like hard work if I'm honest but only because I'm kind of lazy when it comes to my hair. But my hair has been the same length for years, so sommething has to change. My hair hasn't really grown since my mum told me I was old enough to look after my own hair.

This is the year I'm going to look after my hair better, it's about bloody time.

The 10 tips were: (she only mentions 9 tips unless I missed one)
  1. Low Manipulation - So I'll have to do more protective styles and styles that don't require much manipulation like wash and go, twist out, braid out etc. 
  2. Satin Caps - I've looked it up and it's a abit pricey so I'll continue looking for one. They're supposed to be really good because they don't damage your hair. 
  3. Detangle With a Wide Tooth Comb - Probably where I've been going wrong my combs and brushed have been pretty tight. She suggests in the video that you should use a spray bottle with water whilst detangling.
  4. Porosity Levels - First time hearing about this. It's the amount of water your hair can absorb it helps when looking for the right products for your hair. There's a easy test you can carry out to find out if you have a high or low porosity level. (Here's the link)
  5. Keep a Clean Scalp - I normally only wash my hair when I feel like it's dirty or if it gets itchy, but it's better to keep your scalp clean regularly depending on your hair type. I'll have to see what's best for me.
  6. Deep Condition Hair -  I used to deep condition my hair but then I stopped because I just couldn't really bothered. I'm going to do better this time and keep it up. 
  7. Cut Out Heat - I tend to straightening my hair once a week, sometimes twice if I don't cover my hair at night. I know that it's not good for my hair.
  8. Trim Hair When Needed - I think the first thing I should do is trim hair, that's a good way to start my healthy hair journey. 
  9. Co- Wash (Only wash hair with conditioner) - Never actually knew what co wash was until I started watching Americans/Canadian vloggers. It makes total sense though, when I use conditioner in my hair it's super soft so it can only be good to co wash it now and again. 
I've already started this journey; I have co-washed once already, used a hair mask and reuced the amount of heat I use. I will keep you guys updated. If you know of any youtubers who can help me with my journey please let me know.

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