My Blogging Routine

I have only recently started this routine and it has been helping me with my consistency. My routine is pretty simple and is based around my days off and any other free time I have. I am working on creating a timetable for some of the tasks that need to be done each week.

What Do I Use To Create Content?

I take all my pictures on my phone (iPhone 7). If I use a photo from another source then I always credit the source. If I am not taking my own pictures I will source them from Google and from time to time I use Pinterest and Tumblr. I have gone into more detail about my blog photography in my - Blog Photography On A Budget post.

Recently got a tripod for my camera, which makes it easier to film videos for instagram and I have more control when taking my own pictures. I normally have a day when I get all dolled up and take a bunch of pictures for my socials.

I use two notepads for blogging purposes I got them both from Wilko. One is for my blog notes, so I write down blog post ideas, I do all my brainstorming and I normally write down a rough draft or an outline of the blog post i want to post in my large note pad. This helps to give me a guideline so I don't just end up waffling when it comes to typing up my posts. My second note book is for event notes, I also write down when I have scheduled posts, and to-do lists.

I use the Blogger app to blog, all my blogs are done on my phone or tablet (I can't wait to get a laptop). I spoke all about blogging without a laptop as well, you can read it here if you're interested.


I work 3-4 days a week so I use my days off to focus on content for my blog. After my session with Bonita I realised I was going about planning content all wrong I would try and complete blog posts in a day or two for the week, my blog would hardly have any posts scheduled up and I struggled to come up with blog content.
After my session with Bonita we discussed a healthier way of approaching blogging. We broke down the tasks for the day, so I spend a day purely brainstorming, another day taking pictures and another day focusing on the writing. During the time I take pictures I will be editing posts, checking for spelling errors and typos, all that good stuff.

This has been amazing for me, I normally get really overwhelmed with all the things I have to do and end up just not getting anything done. Since breaking down the days and brainstorming I have been able to come up with more consistent content. I have found it can easier when a lot is going on and I'm attending events, otherwise finding inspirition can be tricky. 

I used to be better at getting a bulk of posts written up, edited and scheduled  for the week when I was full time, now that I am part time I am finding it difficult to stay focused and come up with interesting content. It is strange but I think it is due to the fact that when I was full time I wanted to escape from work and my blog was my way of doing that. Whereas now I know I have plenty of time so I take the piss a bit. 

I used to have a blog schedule but I ended up just posting rubbish content just to get something out, so now I still aim to post twice a week, but it will be different days every week - It is really key not to be hard on yourself when writer block strikes, or if you're just not in the writing mood, it happens, take time to chill and refocus. Normally if it's a productive day I can write up two or three blog posts, I just get in the writing mood and most the time one post gives me an idea for another one. 

At the moment it has been easier to create content as I am able to write about products. I get sent a few hair and beauty products to try and review. However I have found that my reviews do not do as well as my personal posts, so I have challenged myself to get more creative with my reviews.

I want to travel more and do some more travel posts. I've noticed my Amsterdam post got a lot of views and normally my personal and race related posts get a lot of views, so those are the ones I tend to do a lot more of - Checking you stats is great for keeping track of what your readers like.

Do you have any tips for a new blogger? Let me know in the comments 

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