"Not Everything Is About Race!"

"Not everything is about race"

If only that was true!! 

Every time I see a video, picture or article on YouTube or Facebook about race, I make the mistake of reading the comments. There's always that one person who comments "not everything is about race".

Honestly a few years ago, maybe two years ago I'd agree with them, I was constantly dismissing issues about race because It was uncomfortable to address. But then I realised that pretty much nearly everything is about race.

POC (people of colour) deal with daily complications that aren't always obvious or visual to white people. Some poc suffer in silence just because they don't want to be that annoying person who always brings up race. Which is crazy becuase speaking up about race shouldn’t be something that annoys someone or makes someone annoying, it is something we are living with everyday.  

POC are ONLY asking for equality, representation, opportunities, you know the basic things that white people get and don't even have to think about. 

One thing I really dislike is that people are very quick to tell POC to stop talking about race but are the same ones who aren’t so quick to figure out how they can use their privilege to resolve the issue. 

I guess admitting to being privileged due to your race means more responsibilities.

I've also seen people say:

"I don't see colour" - Majority of people say this with nothing but good intentions, however this statement is not a compliment. Unless you're visually impaired then I don't understand how you do not see colour. We want you to see our colour, shades and complexions it's part of who we are. 

Acknowledge our colours and understand that being a person of colour isn't something we're ashamed of, we want you to appreciate it.

"If  you stop talking about race/racism then racism will stop" - YES I've actually seen somebody write this. If we think about this realistically then this person is suggesting that if we stop talking about race, somehow racism will end. This person is just saying that if everyone stops talking about race they will no longer feel uncomfortable or feel the need to acknowledge someones race because it's just something that nobody talks about. 

Rosa Parks is used all the time but if she didn't refuse to move from her seat then black people today would still have to sit at the back of the bus. If nobody talked about race there would still be separate drinking fountains for white people and "coloured people". If we never spoke about race Martin Luther King Jr. Would still be here today. 


If you honestly believe silence is better than people speaking about race then you're crazy. Change doesn't come from silence, justice won't come from silence. 

Talking about race makes you uncomfortable we get it, but racism makes us uncomfortable too and in some cases racism kills people. Discomfort or life? I think I'd choose discomfort in this situation.

Below is a screenshot from Macklemore's White
Privilege song....

"What about white people and their struggles?" - Bringing up race and racial issues doesn't mean your struggles or issues are irrelevant. You're ignoring the issue when you bring up something like this on someones video or post. If you feel the need to talk about it address it somewhere else. 

NOBODY is saying your problems don't matter we're simply speaking about an issue we're passionate about. 

I can call somebody beautiful but that doesn't mean I am ugly or everyone else is ugly.

So if I say #BlackLivesMatter it doesn't translate to #OnlyBlackLivesMatterFuckEveryoneElse

Macklemore's song 'White Privillege', there's a man in the song that explains #AllLivesMatter.....

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